Video: Great White Shark Rescue – Whitecrest Beach, Cape Cod

Video courtesy of ‘Robyn Schnaible’, uploaded on 06. September 2015:

We got to Whitecrest about an hour later and came upon a huge crowd of people working to save a 10-12′ Great White that had beached itself. The shark was still alive but had suffered some internal injuries. Several beachgoers were pouring buckets of water over him while others dug a holding pool and a trench to drag him back into the ocean. They had tied one end of a rope around its tail and a paddleboarder carried the other end out to a boat to help tow it in. It was an impressive effort, but unfortunately the shark did not swim off once he was back in the water. ~ Whitecrest Beach, Wellfleet, Cape Cod, September 6, 2015, posted by Robyn Schnaible.

-Footage of the specimen being uploaded at Chatham : Great white shark dies after washing ashore in Cape Cod


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