Video: Great white shark dies after washing ashore in Cape Cod

Video uploaded by ‘skiboy895’ on 06. September 2015 :

Great White Shark beached in Cape Cod being offloaded at Chatham.

Related facebook post by the Wellfleet Police Department:

This morning at 0809 the Wellfleet Police Department received a call for a stranded shark at Whitecrest Beach. Officers and NPS rangers stayed with the animal until members of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy arrived. The shark was helped out to deeper water by a boat run by the Conservancy. The animal appeared to be injured and we do not know if he made it or not. Source : Shark stranding at Whitecrest Beach this morning.


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  1. Melissa Michaelson

    Am I alone in my concerns in that this appears to be a live shark? A protected species…

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