Massive great white shark caught in Tunisia, Oct 2015

According to local media sources, a rare shark catch was recently made in the Mediterranean Sea.

The video was uploaded by the ‘Tunisia News Network’ (TNN).

This huge great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) was reportedly caught by a fisherman in Tunisia. On 28. October 2015, the estimated 2.200 kg shark was landed in Sousse which is located in the central-east of the country, on the Gulf of Hammamet. Another raw footage clip of the specimen is available on YouTube here.

The landing of this endangered and protected species has drawn criticism from scientists and conservationists. The ‘Marine Conservation Science Institute’ has posted the following statement on their Facebook page: “Although White Shark populations are rebounding around the globe, the Mediterranean Sea population is so depleted that white sharks are very rarely seen…(source) “.

Other video-posts on ‘Shark Year Magazine’ of previous records of Great white sharks in Tunisian waters :

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