Great White Shark shot by fisherman in Tunisia

Video uploaded by TunisianRoadTrip on 04. December 2012:

Tunisian fishermen shoot and kill a great white shark off the coast of Sousse, located ca. 140 km south of the capital Tunis. I assume that these are commercial tuna fishermen. According to the poster, the incident occurred on December 3rd, 2012.



  1. sono solo dei carnefici, un pescatore rispetta il mare!! Un’animale così raro nei nostri mari, andava solo che rimesso in libertà.
    Peccato che al mondo ci sia gente cosi stupida, che prova piacere a sparare decine di colpi di fucile ad un animale fermo in una rete !!!!!

  2. Angel

    There is not much to say.
    These are tuna fishing nets. If the date is correct illegal tuna fishing boat because of the season. Tuna fishing will is allowed between May-July in Med Sea.
    So when they are illagally fishing, they got a GWS in the nets and the divers that normally help pulling the net in the sea could not do it because of the shark and killed it as a solution.
    Shame over shame…
    The GWS was just following tuna as that is their main food source in Med Sea. (Almost no seals left for GWS)
    If you see the size of the boat and the nets, they have the power to release it back to sea easily but they preferred to kill.
    This natural kill and destroy instinct in humanity will never die. When the have the chance, they do it.
    GWS should gain the full protection status in the Med Sea asap. Otherwise, it will be a dream to see one alive in the whole Mediterranean Sea forever.
    It is just another shameful moments of humanity.

  3. Somebody should report this to authorities…

  4. Senor

    You barbarian f*cks. Seriously, get in the water and swim, make it even!

  5. ReefTree

    It appears that this very large animal was also a pregnant female based on lack of claspers and rotundity. Dreadful loss of a mature specimen of a relatively rare species. And what is further appalling is the number of times these men shot this animal. I believe it was likely dead after the first few shots. The continued shooting just reveals what a sad species we are.

  6. daniel

    Why all those shots?? Really sick minded people

  7. Blu Soares

    Ok, where do we start here? These r just about the most ignorant f**** I have ever seen. Seriously? I counted at least *76* rifle shots  at the shark. Disgusting, amateurish, hicks. Real fisherman  wouldn’t do this.And then they jump on it for photos with their crappy tunisian cell phones. Cowards. Dirty dirty cowards. The epitome of uneducated, stone age morons…

    • Alex

      No need to get so aggy and offensive.
      Bringing in people’s nationality. 

    • Ahmed

      Im Tunesien and we against this massaker but such accident happend about 1 time in 5 years in tunesia on the other side sins the Industrial Revolution hundreds of species are extincted. so the the Occident and the white man are the most ignorent f**** you ever seen. without talcking about Humen esclavation and nations extermination.

  8. slowlemur

    Primitive humans

  9. Angel

    So many shots may be due to small size shells they have for small birds. Those shells can hardly penetrate the skin of a GWS. In either case, it does not matter how many shells there are.
    The magnificant animals is shot to dead. And there was absolute happiness in the eyes of those people.
    Primitive or not, destructive, for sure.

  10. Dana Thomas

    One of the most horrible things I have ever seen. These people should be punished to the fullest extent possible. To do something like this to anyone or anything is brutal and appalling. Sharks are much more valuable to us than any of the individuals who committed this act and also those who just sat back and allowed it to happen. I am ashamed for these people that they are so stupid and cruel. The ocean belongs to the shark. Without them, we have no ocean. Cannot fathom how someone could do this to such an awesome and magnificent animal that is so necessary to our ecosystem. They need protction just as much as our tigers, polar bears,etc. Wish I could actively do more to help these creatures who cannot stop this cruelty being done to them.

  11. Mark

    This is a very disgusting display of the human spirit. I don’t see any reason beyond the ability to kill. There is no intent of a kill to eat or provide. The video just shows a callous intent to kill just to kill. That shark didnt hunt that way. The ignorance of those involved and their apparent joy in the act just shows how far we need to come to educate people across the world that a senseless killing of a magneficant such as this is plain irrehensable.  There is no joy in this. Despite what we see on this video we need to change a culture and mindset of these people that the life they took, in such a brutal way, is not acceptable.  I hope and pray that this incident will provide a catilist to better informing people to these tragic ends of life can no longer be tolerated. We need these sharks to survive to protect our beautiful ecosystem. We can and will win this battle. 

  12. Dori Mirkow

    This has to be one of the most horrible videos I have ever seen of a shark being killed, so unbelievably sad, I cant get over the joy that they seem to have in killing this incredible and magnificient creature, just so so sad.

  13. Mo

    The video in the link below is of a guy that saves a young beached Great White with his bare handsand puts him back in the water… the irony.. I wish i can send this video to the guys with the shotguns..

  14. Olivia

    This was not necessary. Prosecute to the max! 

  15. Janine

    Having spent  a lot of time in Sousse and it’s surrounding area and witnessed the Halal culture, I’m disgusted by this needless slaughter. which was clearly for entertainment. Generally the fisherman in Tunisia are respectful of their catch and of the sea itself. Hopefully the ‘real’  local fisherman will take action on this, especially as this video will do the tourist industry in the area no good at all and this is heavily relied on by those that live there. Muslim belief is that creatures are killed for necessity i.e. for food. This goes against that belief and also humanity.

  16. Ray Parry

    Is this fun , or is this hunting for FOOD. Is this barbaric how many shots  does it take to kill or are .they are getting off on this. It’s just sick. What bastards, this is Karma for them. Their souls  will return  as those who suffer.

  17. Andy

    The real monsters are the one behing the guns. Pure horror…

  18. Mark

    People I so agree with your complete and total disgust in this video but don’t look at it thru your own eyes but rather the eyes of the ones with the guns. These people don’t look at sharks as magnificent creatures but rather a payday at the market. They fetch rather small sums of money in our terms but yet high dollar in their abilities to be successful as local fisherman. I want this type of display against GWS and sharks in general to end but it will only come thru an education process to the locals. We have to attack this problem as its core.  These people believe what they are doing is right. We can change that mindset thru education. It’s more profitable to have GWS swimming these waters than wo. This will not be solved with finger pointing and screams of justice. Let’s band together with research and science and education to prevent this barbaric display from occurring again. 

  19. Angel

    I agree with you Mark. What you are suggesting is a valid goal with a long shot.
    Fisrt we need to decide. Are we mad becasue a GWS is killed or it is killed this way. Are we discussing the method to kill.
    As you see most of the comments here are about the method.
    The GWS population in the Med Sea is not healthy at all. Just from the number of attacks we can easily come to this result.
    Just a few decades ago there were attacks in Italian, Greek, Maltasian waters as well as Adriatic Sea. There are no more attacks inspite of the fact that millions of more swimmers, divers, spearfisherman are in waters.
    The general number of fish is dramatically decreased. Med sea eco system is destroyed. This includes all kind of sea living fish and mamals. Sharks are almost all gone. Overfishing did pay the results.
    We need to ask, if all the fishing vessels kill their shark catch ? We have see this event because somebody puut it on a viral channel. Otherwise we would have never knew about it.
    We can assume that they kill most of thier shark catch.
    The way they do the kill can be another point of discussion but the reality is the mean to kill.
    There are many reasons for this.
    They think sharks are in competetion with them because sharks eat the fish they want to catch and sell. In some parts dolphins are on the same list. In black sea for example, the fishing fleets are known to kill the dolphin pods to avoid them from eating their catch.
    The most valuable and worthy fish to catch id Blue Fin Tuna. The illegal fishing of BFT is much more than the legally observed and allowed numbers. (as in this video) In Med Sea, company purchase the Tuna fishing limits from other nations.
    So what will large preditors will feed on. ? Almost no seals, less and less tuna and no other big fish except the rock fish. A gaint preditor, like the one on the video, actually will starve to death in a few decades.
    So in general, this is not only a shark problem but a problem of the whole Med Sea.
    One of the major issues is the number of people that makes their living from the sea. This overpopulated number of fisherman with large vessels have to make money to live. So they do not care about the damage they create as long as they make money. Unless an all nation enforced agreement is made for global Med Sea protection is made, you can not stop this. The fisherman that obey the rules always complains about the other fisherman that does not obey. This is true for nations as well.
    In this sense, education will not work. It takes a long time. You need a generaation for it to work.
    We don’t have that much time.
    If we want a healthy eco system that is sustainable in the Med Sea, including the sharks, we shouls start thinking about this closed ecosystem as one big lake. All enforcements should begin in all countries at the same time with same rules and regulations. This is not something that we can leave it to each and every individual nation or country with in its territorial waters. This whole sea is smaller that the great lakes with over 30 nations with borders to it with 30 different regulations and rules. Most of these countries does not have regulations for protection for breeding seasons, the size of the fish, the typr of the fish.
    If we can not manage the rgulations, even of we protect the sharks, they will starve to death.

  20. Wow it is definitely terrible. I cannot imagine there are people who will find joy in killing animals. We are the stewards of these animals and we need to show care to them. Fishes are our source of food but it does not mean we will kill them in that way. I do hope that the authorities will keep their eyes to this kind of situation because if it will not be prevented it will be one of the problems that will make our heads painful. I do hope that it will not happen again to any beaches out there including the fly fishing Pawleys Island. It will be a lesson to everyone to love the animals and to avoid abusing them in any means.

  21. Richard

    These people are animals, just peasants.

  22. thomas

    great fun. love shark hunting. only good shark is a dead shark. kill em all.
    shot gun is best. most damage and most painful

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