Large hammerhead shark landed in Maragogi, Brazil

The video was uploaded by ‘Jair Santos’ on 28. June 2015.

On Sunday afternoon (28th June 2015), this large specimen of Sphyrna mokarran (Great hammerhead shark) was brought to shore on the city beach of Maragogi in the northern Brazilian state of Alagoas.

According to ‘Gazetaweb’, the big hammerhead ‘had been found already dead at sea’ by the crew while fishing for shrimps. One of the fishermen told ‘Gazetaweb’ that they plan to donate meat from the shark to charity.

Another video of the specimen by the same Youtube-poster can be viewed here.

Several catches of large hammerhead sharks have been reported from Brazil this year (for example: 14 ft Hammerhead shark caught in Brazil – Jan 2015 ).


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