Star Island Shark Tournament 2013

27th Annual Star Island Yacht Club Shark Tournament

Date: 13. – 15. June 2013
Location: Star Island Yacht Club & Marina, Montauk Point, New York, USA.

Tournament Results :


A total of 92 boats ( 600 anglers) participated in this year’s Star Island Shark Tournament.

Total Payout:

Total Prize Money : $322,800

Landed sharks (Weigh-In) :







650 lbs shark meat was donated to the Long Island Council of Churches.


First Heaviest Shark:

Species: Thresher shark.

Weight: 346 lbs

Angler: Mario Cervone

Boat: ‘Blue Eyes’, Capt. Jason Blake

Second Heaviest Shark:

Species: Thresher shark.

Weight: 344 lbs

Angler: Charlie Puglisi

Boat: ‘Riverhead Toyota’, Capt. Max Baxter


1st Heaviest Mako

Weight: 311 lbs

Angler: Sean Kinney

Boat: “Joy Sea”, Capt. Chuck Mallinson.

Note: a 364 lbs mako was caught on the Pilar, but the crew arrived 18 minutes late.

2nd Heaviest Mako

Weight: 243 lbs

Angler: John Lower

Boat: “Contender“, Capt. John Lowe

3rd Heaviest Mako

Weight: 193 lbs

Angler: Bob Valent

Boat: “Bella Donna“, Capt. David O’Hallorar


1st Heaviest Blue Shark

Weight: 251 lbs

Angler: Jenner Smith

Boat: “Miss O“, Capt. Eric Stegich

2nd Heaviest Blue Shark

Weight: 218 lbs

Angler: Kevin Adley

Boat: “My Joyce II“, Capt. Kenny Hajduek

3rd Heaviest Blue Shark

Weight:  203 lbs

Angler: Sam Bajarktarevic

Boat: “Knot On Call“, Capt. Bryan Gras


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  1. Jack Trevally

    Montauk is such a beautiful town, and so much fun. But i wish people could enjoy themselves in a way that doesn’t involve killing sharks. Dive with them instead maybe. There is awesome shark cage diving right in Montauk.

    I mean, I get it. I understand the allure of wanting to catch sharks. But sharks aren’t as common as they used to be mostly due to bycatch by big commercial longliners and such. Recreational angling for sharks does contribute to reduced numbers, though, and i for one, would prefer to see Montauk show a little more restraint and maybe go catch and release.

    • capt rob cloutier

      Get your facts straight , recreational shark fishing does not compare to the millions of tons of sharks killed every year for commercial harvest mostly shark finning. I am a charter captain and harvest only a few sharks a year out of the hundreds I catch. Believe me when I tell you this has no imp.act on the population.

      • Jack Trevally

        I agree with you on all counts except that it has no impact on population. Every shark landed is a shark landed. Every shark killed is a shark less in the ocean. If it weren’t for the fact that the commercial guys have killed off so much of the shark population, your statement would be correct. But honestly, when some populations are down by 99%, each shark matters. And that is where we are today. Montauk and the whole area up there by Georges Bank is lucky in that it isn’t as depleted as some regions of the world.

      • Angel

        Thank you for the info Captain Cloutier.
        We know that there are some captains as yourself who really takes care of the nature and the oceans. Who has the knowledge to the means of sustainable fishing. I am afraid there are more captains out there without this knowledge. We can all agree that all type of fish stocks are declining for almost all species. I fish personally for over 30 years and I can attest to that personally. I also use catch and release like yourself to many different types of fish, not sharks but even their populations are decreasing fast. I stopped fishing for tuna just for this reason. You know better than me that sharks are in more trouble than the tuna globally. 
        Please join in our efforts to educate the public and the fishing community to understand the importance of this catch and release practice without harming the species for fun and a short term excitement.
        A professional from the sport fishing industry may be a great help and asset for the fish populations to thrive again.
        I want to thank you for sharing your point of view with us.

  2. Louis Cataldo

    did either of the two of the “catch and Release” advocate’s see the note at the bottom of the landed shark weigh in? because i am pretty sure neither of you donate 650 lbs. of food to any organization…… maybe you should stop driving your car because of all the dangers to squirrels rabbits and deer.  Not trying to argue with your opinion, just trying to point out that 1 out of 1000000’s that are caught in Montauk actually are killed.  That technically does impact, BUT NO ONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE WOULD ACTUALLY STATE THAT AS A INTELLECTUAL STATISTIC……  o yea did u see the statistic below with human killed by sharks???? 

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