Star Island Shark Tournament 2012

26th Annual Shark Tournament 2012

Date: 14.-16. June 2012 (two days of fishing).
Location: Star Island Yacht Club & Marina, Montauk Point, New York, USA.

Tournament Results:


A total of 156 boats ( approx. 1,000 anglers) participated in this year’s Star Island Shark Tournament.

Total Payout:

Sum of Prize Money paid in all categories: $540,000

Landed sharks (Weigh-In) :









750 pounds of shark meat was donated to the Long Island Council of Churches.


Heaviest Shark Day 1:

Species: Thresher shark.

Weight: 422 lbs

Angler: Tom Rispoli III

Boat: ‘Bluefin’, Capt. Mike Marro

Note: also ‘heaviest overall shark’ and first ‘heaviest other fish’ of the tournament.








Heaviest Shark Day 2:

Species: Mako shark.

Weight: 344 lbs

Angler: Mike Ragano

Boat: “Little Mac”, Capt. Pat McFarland

Note: also first heaviest mako of the tournament.



2nd Heaviest Mako

Weight: 317 lbs

Angler: Dennis DeMarco

Boat: “Barbaric”, Capt. Greg DeSantis.


3rd Heaviest Mako

Weight: 305 lbs

Angler: Mike Giles

Boat: “Billistic” , Capt. Bill Curley


Heaviest Blue Shark

Weight: 237 lbs

Angler: Mike Vultek

Boat: “Pea Pod“, Capt. Ed Pollner


2nd Heaviest Fish (Other) :

Species: Thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus).

Weight: 319 lbs

Angler: Jim Fox

Boat: “My Buddy“, Capt. Dick Aidinis


3rd Heaviest Fish (Other) :

Species: Thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus).

Weight: 289 lbs

Angler: Mark Boyle

Boat:“Ramble on Rose“, Capt. Joe McVeigh


Source and Photo Credit: Star Island Yacht Club & Marina


317 lbs Mako shark caught on 2nd Day of Star Island’s 26th Annual Shark Tournamen




  1. Angel

    If this videao was taken in Kenya, a lot of people would call it “Wild people” or “massacre” of a kind. When it is taped in US, it is called a tournement. There, you can cut the fins, cut the animal in peices heart still beating, in front of the children(you can hear their speaking), (preparing the next generation of killers), donate some pounds of shark meat to church, and you go to heaven. I kind of like this mind set…
    Our defination of heaven is totally different. To some of us, seeing that animal live in its natural habitat is heaven. Seeing it killed still heart beating is hell. Seeing people liking kill is hell.
    I alwasy thought that we are here to share and learn. With everything and every being. We need to change people.. We are not here to learn and teach our children killing skills.

  2. Christian

    This is just disgusting and very sad! Shame on every participant, organizator, helper, visitor or other supporter! I cannot understand why…

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