Smalltooth Sandtiger Shark in Greece

This video of a rare smalltooth sandtiger shark (Odontaspis ferox) was uploaded by the youtube-user miloslifegr (from Greece) on 27. May 2012. Unfortunately, the poster does not provide any additional information on this specimen. But judging from the name and profile of the youtube-poster, the footage was most likely taken at Milos Island in the Aegean Sea. A previous Mediterranean record of the species has been made in Cyprus a short time ago ( see Specimen No. 5 here ).


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  1. Constantinos G.

    5 or 6 years ago together with a friend we took a pic of a juvenile sandtiger fishe out by a fisherman in Greece. We didnĀ“t know what kind of shark it was so we send the pic to the Zoo of London and they told us it was a sandtiger. The pic was taken off Sifnos , an island next to Milos. I presume that ther must be a colony of sandtigers between the 2 islands.

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