Notable Recent Shark Catches from the Mediterranean Sea

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
01. May 2012

The following provides a supplement and continuation of our previous post Recent Shark Records from the Mediterranean and European Region.

Eight Recent Shark Records from the Mediterranean Sea in descending chronological order:

Specimen No. 1

Date: 29. April 2012.

Location: Province of Valencia, Spain.

Species: Blue shark ( Prionace glauca ).

Size: said to be over 3 metres in length, 150 kg in weight.

A recreational fisherman caught this pelagic shark with rod and reel close to shore off the breakwater rocks
in El Brosquil, located in the Municipality of Cullera. It took the angler over two hours to land his catch.

Update:  There is a Spanish news-video about the capture of this shark in our Video Section ( HERE ).

Source and Photo Credit: El Seis Doble.


















Specimen No. 2

Date: reported on 22. April 2012.

Location: Rijeka, Croatia.

Species: Bluntnose sixgill shark ( Hexanchus griseus ).

Size: said to be almost 5 metres in length.

Source and Photo Credit: Novi list.












Specimen No. 3

Date: 17. April 2012.

Location: Volosko, Kvarner Gulf, Croatia.

Species: Common thresher shark ( Alopais vulpinus ).

Size: 3,60 metres in length, 130 kg in weight.

According to the source, the pelagic shark got entangled in a fishing net just 20 metres from shore.
The place of catch is located in the waters off Volosko. It’s a part of the city of Opatija, which lies
on the coast of the Kvarner Gulf.

Source and Photo Credit: 24sata















Specimen No. 4

Date: reported on 17. April 2012.

Location: Gulf of St. Tropez, France.

Species: Common thresher shark ( Alopais vulpinus ).

Size: said to be 5 metres in length, 120 kg in weight.

A commercial fisherman from Sainte-Maxime caught this specimen in the waters off the coast of Saint-Hilaire.
The shark was sold on the local market, as you can see in this youtube-video here.

Source: Var Matin. Photo Credit: Hervé Lillini.















Specimen No. 5

Date: reported on 15. April 2012.

Location: Northern Cyprus.

Species: Smalltooth sandtiger ( Odontaspis ferox ).

Size: said to be 2 metres in length.

This rare shark was found entangled in a fishing net off Lapta (Lapithos),
situated in the Kyrenia District on the northern coast of Cyprus

Source and Photo Credit: Gündem Kibris.














Specimen No. 6

Date: reported on 14. April 2012.

Location: Sea of Marmara, Turkey.

Species: Bluntnose sixgill shark ( Hexanchus griseus ).

Size: said to be 2,5 metres in length, 150 kg in weight.

The specimen was caught in the Sea of Marmara and later displayed by a fishmonger in the city of Edirne.

Source and Photo Credit: Radikal.












Specimen No. 7

Date: reported on 06. April 2012.

Location: Peloponnese Peninsula, Greece.

Species: Bluntnose sixgill shark ( Hexanchus griseus ).

Size: said to be 250 kg in weight.

The catch was made in the waters of Nafplio, a seaport town on the northern shores of the Argolic Gulf.

The shark was sold for 5 Euros per kg.

Source and Photo Credit: Zougla.














Specimen No. 8

Date: reported on 05. April 2012.

Location: Ladispoli, Lazio Region, Italy.

Species: Common thresher shark ( Alopias vulpinus ).

Size: said to be 4 metres in length.

Fishermen captured this fox shark in their fishing net off the coast of Torre Flavia.

Source and Photo Credit: Civonline.


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