26th Annual Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament

Date: 19. – 21. July 2012.
Location: Oak Bluffs Marina, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA.

According to the organizer, 103 boats were registered .

The fishermen brought in a total of 16 sharks,
but only nine specimens met the minimum weight requirement for the tournament.

List of the five heaviest shark catches:

Species: Porbeagle shark ( Lamna nasus ).
Weight: 447 lbs
Boat: Lady Diana

Species: Thresher shark ( Alopias vulpinus ).
Weight: 446 lbs
Boat: Island Rose

Species: Porbeagle shark ( Lamna nasus ).
Weight: 440 lbs
Boat: Sea Cog

Species: Mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus ).
Weight: 411 lbs
Boat: Indian Princess

Species: Thesher shark ( Alopias vulpinus ).
Weight: 403 lbs
Boat: Ocean Runner

Note: You can see the results of last year’s Oak Bluffs Shark Tournament here .

Source: The Martha’s Vineyard Times

Photo shows one of the porbeagle sharks.  Credit: Eliprog (youtube).

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