25th Annual Monster Shark Tournament 2011

Date: 21 – 23 July, 2011.

Location: Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Tournament Shark Catches:

13 sharks (including two potential new Massachusetts Saltwater Fish Records for thresher and porbeagle shark) were brought to the weigh-in station:

Nine thresher sharks, three mako sharks and a porbeagle shark.

Thresher Sharks (Alopias vulpinus):

Weight: 630 pounds.
Boat: Bushwhacker.
Note: potential MA State Record ( current valid record: 548 lbs, caught in 2004 ).

Weight: 538 pounds.
Boat: Tuna Tangler.

Weight: 457 pounds.
Boat: Keepin’ It Cool.

Weight: 448 pounds.
Boat: Fish Tails.

Weight: 429 pounds.
Boat: Law & Order.

Weight: 365 pounds.
Boat: Knot Right.

Weight: 251 pounds.
Boat: Akula.

Weight: 248 pounds.
Boat: On Time.

Weight: 184 pounds.
Boat: Sea Saw.

Porbeagle Shark ( Lamna nasus ):

Weight: 495 pounds ( photo below ).
Boat: Program.
Note: potential MA State Record ( current valid record: 482 lbs 8 oz, caught in 2009 ).

Mako Sharks ( Isurus oxyrinchus ):

Weight: 278 pounds.
Boat: Tunga Tangler.

Weight: 182 pounds.
Boat: Fish On.

Weight: 152 pounds.
Boat: Go Figueire.


Source : marthasvineyard.patch.com/

Photo Credit: Vanessa Czarnecki.

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