The ‘Right Place’ for Sharks in the South Pacific

Published on
09 February 2022

The ‘Right Place’ for Sharks in the South Pacific: Marine Spatial Planning in a More-Than-Human Ocean

Juliette Kon Kam King & Léa Riera


This article questions the contours of marine spatial planning and its application to non-humans while also paying attention to the role of the latter in structuring marine spaces and activities. Through two case studies focusing on sharks-oriented ecotourism in Fiji and sharks risk management in New Caledonia, we discuss how the ‘right place’ of sharks and humans at sea is negotiated, defined and enforced. Comparing the practices deployed to control sharks and humans’ behaviours and whereabouts, we argue that sharks are increasingly incorporated into marine spatial planning although with distinct patterns of sharks–humans relations.

Practice & Research, DOI: 10.1080/02697459.2022.2035918


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