Review of catch records of the bigeye thresher shark in the Mediterranean Sea

Published on
11 July 2022

Review of catch records of the bigeye thresher shark Alopias superciliosus Lowe, 1841 (Lamniformes: Alopiidae) in the Mediterranean Sea: historical and recent data with biological notes

Vasiliki Kousteni, Vasilis Resaikos, Magdalene Papatheodoulou, Marios Papageorgiou


In November 2021, a female bigeye thresher shark was incidentally caught by a pelagic drifting longline off southern Cyprus, corresponding to the second documented species record at country level. Main biological features and an extended list of morphometric measurements are presented in comparison with the previous species records in the Mediterranean. The diet analysis highlighted the impact of marine species invasion in the Mediterranean food-webs and documented the presence of the angel squid for the first time in Cypriot waters. The species presence in the basin is revised and discussed.

Journal of Fish Biology, DOI: 10.1111/jfb.15160


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