Length-Weight Relation of the Angular Rough Shark in the Mediterranean Sea

Publsihed on
08 August 2022

Length-Weight Relation of the Angular Rough Shark, Oxynotus centrina (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Mediterranean Sea

Hakan Kabasakal, Elif Özgür Özbek


Oxynotus centrina is considered a rare or uncommon shark species throughout its distribution range. Because of this reason, it is one of the 46 uncommon elasmobranchs in the Mediterranean Sea, which requires filling the knowledge gaps, such as length-weight relations. Based on the analysis of 34 angular rough sharks, the length-weight relations (LWR) of males, females and combined sexes of O. centrina were described as W = 0.216L2.686, W = 0.134L3.041 and W=0.102L3.173, respectively. Total lengths (TL) of females and combined sexes were strongly correlated with total weights (TW); while TL of males was moderately correlated with TW. The b values of LWRs of females and combined sexes (3.041 and 3.173, respectively) were not significantly different from 3.0 (t-test, p>0.10) and indicated positive allometric growth for the examined TL and TW range of O. centrina in the Mediterranean Sea.

NESciences, 2022, 7(2): 97-107, DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.1159204


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