An Updated Greek National Checklist of Chondrichthyans

Published on
09 August 2022

An Updated Greek National Checklist of Chondrichthyans

Ioannis Giovos, Roxani Naasan Aga-Spyridopoulou, Fabrizio Serena, Alen Soldo, Adi Barash, Nikolaos Doumpas, Georgios A. Gkafas, Dimitra Katsada, George Katselis, Periklis Kleitou, Vasileios Minasidis, Yannis P. Papastamatiou, Eleana Touloupaki, Dimitrios K. Moutopoulos


Accurate checklists of species are essential for evaluating their conservation status and for understanding more about their distribution, biology and ecology and, therefore, the first step in order to effectively protect them. According to the existing literature, the Greek seas are rich in chondrichthyan biodiversity and herein, we update the most recent chondrichthyan checklist for the country regarding the species that are present in the Greek waters, correct unvalidated miscellaneous sightings and observations and provide guidelines about future research to improve their conservation. In total, 330 sources were collected from which 276 were used for further analysis, resulting in 1485 records of 67 species, among which 61 are confirmed by experts, including 34 sharks, 26 batoids and one chimaera. We are further listing six species as “Questionable/Not Confirmed”.

Fishes 2022, 7(4), 199; DOI: 10.3390/fishes7040199


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