Nov 2020: Great White Shark Caught in Kuril Islands

H. Nickel, Shark Year Magazine, 21. January 2021

In early November 2020, news broke out that Russian fishermen caught a large shark in the Kuril archipelago.

The available information is very vague. But according to the source, the catch was made in the waters of Shikotan (an island in the southern Kurils). They shared photos of the toothy catch on a social media site and it turned out to be an adult Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) with an estimated length of 5 metres.

We are aware of three different photos of the specimen (one of them is shown below).


Photo: Telegram / Sakhalin Fishermen (nhnch_sakhalin)

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  1. As a species, we destroy everything around us…and truly, the only option we are facing is ending fishing, factory farming and hunting. This is shameful what happened to this beautiful animal…and every time I see articles like this, I wonder about the hundreds of other sharks that are dead because of incidents like this that never got reported.

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