Conservation Status of Shark Landed in Pangandaran Regency

Published on
07 August 2021

Conservation Status of Shark Landed in Local Fish Market in Pangandaran Regency, Indonesia

Rega Permana, Nursaidah, Ihda Abdul Hadi, Idham Rinaldi


Pangandaran has a great fishery potential. Therefore, fishing communities make fisheries a source of economy, especially in the fishing sector, namely by buying and selling the catch. Fish buying and selling activities are increasing in line with the fish consumption needs of the community. This has an effect on increasing fishing activity, causing a decrease in fish production. The study was conducted to find out information on the IUCN group of fish that are still sold in the fish market. The research was conducted by direct observation in the field at the Pangandaran fish market and its surroundings. Observations show that the Pangandaran fish market still sells fish that are listed in the IUCN. There are sharks and ray fish sold at the Pangandaran fish market. The species found were 3 species spread over five observation locations with details of one species listed IUCN-Least concern, and one species registered IUCN-Vulnerable for hammerhead shark and IUCN- Near Threatened for blacktip shark. The sharks identified as Appendix II species while the freshwater stingray belongs to Appendix III of CITES. Because endangered fish are still sold routinely, conservation is needed to preserve the biota. Fisheries management in the catching process also needs to be done so that endangered fish caught can be minimized.

Asian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research, Page 30-36, DOI: 10.9734/ajfar/2021/v13i530278


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