Cartilaginous Fish of the Eastern Adriatic Sea

Published on
17. February 2021

Cartilaginous Fish of the Eastern Adriatic Sea: A Review of the Records from the Past Decade (2010–2019)

Ilija Ćetković, Tamara Mitrović, Stefan Ralević, Jovana Tomanić, Nikola Paskaš


This review article is dedicated to the description and summarization of the chondrichthyans-related scientific research for the area of the Eastern Adriatic Sea. An online data inventory was conducted for the period of the last decade (2010–2019). The inventory was done using the Google Scholar search engine by typing keywords consisting of the valid binomial name of the relevant species and “Adriatic Sea.” We surveyed 55 species of chondrichthyans noted as present in the Adriatic Sea in the checklist published in 2010, which is here used as a breakpoint in the timeline. An additional search was done in order to find the first records of the new species for the area. A total of 59 chondrichthyan species have been recorded in the Adriatic Sea to date. For the target period, published records were found for 32 species for the eastern Adriatic, of which four represented the first record of the species in the area.

In: . The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. DOI: 10.1007/698_2020_724


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