Texas: Charges Filed For Sale Of Shark Fin Soup

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Game Warden Field Notes
May 15, 2020

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Two Harris County game wardens were searching the web when they saw a restaurant advertising shark’s fin and shredded chicken soup on their menu. The wardens visited the location and inspected the restaurant’s aquatic resources and invoices. During the inspection, the wardens found what appeared to be frozen shark fins inside one of the freezers. One of the wardens asked the owner about the item in the freezer and they confirmed it was shark fin and showed the warden to a near-by stove where sharks fin soup was being cooked for personal consumption. Shortly after, the second warden found another piece of shark’s fin wrapped in cellophane in a near-by freezer. The owner again insisted that it was for personal consumption. The warden then picked up a menu off a nearby table and pointed to the soup section which listed sharks fin soup for sale. All sharks fin was seized, and charges are being filed with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Source: TPWD News

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