Surfer Suffers Non-Life Threating Injuries after Shark Bite

Press Release

City of Seaside, Ore.

06. December 2020

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Photo: City of Seaside

On Sunday, December 6, 2020 at approximately 3:26 p.m., Seaside Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a report of a shark bite victim in the area of the Seaside Cove. Both Seaside Fire and a local Medix crew arrived at the Cove and found an adult male surfer being carried to the parking lot by fellow surfers. 

The local surfer had sustained non-life-threatening injuries to his lower leg. An off-duty Seaside Beach Lifeguard applied a field tourniquet to the injured leg which helped slow the bleeding. Medix crews then transported the surfer to the trauma unit of a local hospital for further evaluation.

The incident serves as a valuable reminder to never recreate alone, in or out of the water. The fast response of fellow surfers was instrumental in providing aid to the victim. 

Seaside Fire and Medix were also supported by the Seaside Police Department as well as several bystanders.

Source and Photo credit: City of Seaside

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