New Shark Warning Tower Installed in Esperance

Shire of Esperance, Western Australia

17. February 2020

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First Shark Warning Tower Installed

Photo courtesy: Shire of Esperance

The Shire of Esperance has received three new land-based shark warning beacons with the first tower installed at West Beach on Friday and is operational as of today.

The towers feature audio and visual warning systems that can be activated when tagged shark detections or shark sightings occur.

Data on detection or sightings are sourced from the Sharksmart notification system.

Once activated, the tower siren emits a warning tone followed by a voice message informing beach users of nearby shark activity.

In addition, red flashing lights on the towers simultaneously provide a visual warning.

The towers have a directional speaker that is aimed towards the water to minimise the impact of noise to nearby residents.

The towers come as a result of conversations between the Esperance Shire Council, the State Government, local interest groups and the families who have experienced shark incidents first hand.

The Shire will manage the day-to-day operations of the towers.

The system is designed to make ocean users aware of nearby shark activity, however the Shire acknowledges that the warning tower at West Beach may affect nearby residents.

The Shire is in contact with the developers of the warning system and understand that certain elements can be altered, should the need arise in the future.

Esperance residents and visitors are able to download the Sharksmart app and receive near real-time information on shark activity including current alerts and warnings as well as allowing users to report shark sightings.

Information on how to download and use the Sharksmart app is available through the Esperance Public Library.

The remaining towers are set to be installed at Twilight Beach and Kelp Beds in the coming weeks.

Shire of Esperance President Ian Mickel said the new land based warning beacons were a good start to help residents and visitors feel safer in the water.

“I believe they will alleviate some of anxiety people may feel when getting in the water and help to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for swimmers, surfers and beachgoers,” he said.

Shire of Esperance CEO Matthew Scott said the Sharksmart app was a great tool to keep people who are on the beach informed, however the newly installed land based warning beacons would ensure those who are in the water are aware of shark activity.

Source and Photo Credit: Shire of Esperance

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