Bull shark with an intentionally attached harness rig

Published on
21. November 2020

Escaped bait: Bull shark Carcharhinus leucas with an intentionally attached harness rig

Jayne M. Gardiner, Tonya R. Wiley


A 193 cm total length female bull shark Carcharhinus leucas was captured in Florida bearing intentionally attached materials which resembled a harness. Harness‐type live bait rigs are commonly used for small baitfish; some anglers use such devices with small sharks when targeting large sharks and bony fish. Biofouling on the apparatus and the extent of the injuries indicated the material had likely been on the shark for several years. This case highlights the dangers of using these types of devices on juveniles of long‐lived species that attain a large body size.

Journal of Fish Biology, Early View, DOI: 10.1111/jfb.14623


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