Sri Lanka: 08 persons apprehended with a stock of shark fins

Press Release

Sri Lanka Navy

10. December 2019

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Photo courtesy: Sri Lanka Navy

Eight (08) persons were apprehended with a stock of shark fins, during a raid conducted by Sri Lanka Navy in the western seas, on 9th December 2019.

Keeping with Sri Lanka Navy’s efforts to restrain illegal fishing and trading in the country’s territorial waters, a search operation was carried out in the western seas. During the search, a suspicious trawler was spotted and it was taken into naval custody. The trawler was handed over to the SL Coastguard and upon further search about 2kg of shark fins of Ocean White Strip Sharks, an endangered species of fish, was recovered.

This stock of shark fins were hidden in the trawler acutely and 8 suspects who were onboard were also apprehended. The 08 suspects who are between 19 to 52 in age, have been identified as residents of Thoduwawa, Dambulla and Lunuwila areas. The suspects along with seized shark fins and the trawler were handed over to the Fisheries Inspector-Dikovita for onward action.

Further, two of these persons have been produced before court, after follow up investigation of the Fisheries Inspector of Dikowita.

Shark species which have faced an imminent threat of extinction, are being conserved in Sri Lanka and all over the world as well. The Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources has totally prohibited the capturing of Whale Shark, Treasure Shark and Ocean White Strip Shark that are under threat of extinction. These highly endangered Shark species maintain the balance of the maritime environment and Sri Lanka Navy is committed to avert all such illegal acts which harm the regional maritime environment.

Source and Photo Credit: Sri Lanka Navy

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