Results of the 2019 Bahia Marina Mako Mania Tournament

23rd Annual Bahia Marina Mako Mania Shark Tournament

Location: Bahia Marina, Ocean City, Maryland, USA.
Date: 7. to 9. June 2019

A total of 18 boats participated in this year’s event at Bahia Marina.

The fishing was hampered by bad weather conditions. In the end of the tournament, there were no qualifying sharks brought to the weigh-in station, but mako releases were recorded for the release division.

Last year’s results are available here: 22nd Annual Mako Mania Shark Tournament

Results 2019

Heaviest Mako: vacant

Heaviest Thresher: vacant

1st Place Mako Release:
Boat: Just Fold
Releases: 4
Payout: $21,185

2nd Place Mako Release:
Boat: Sea Ment
Releases: 3
Payout: $10,991

3rd Place Mako Release:
Boat: Just One More
Releases: 2
Payout: $7,274

Source: Fish In OC

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