Quarter-Century-Old Shark Bite Mystery Solved

Published on
1. July 2019

DNA from Tooth Embedded in Man’s Foot Resolves Quarter-Century-Old Shark Bite Mystery

Lei Yang, John S.S. Denton, Shannon Corrigan, Tyler B.T. Bowling, Gavin J.P. Naylor


Shark attacks are rare, but when they occur they generate substantial media, public, and other interest. The aftermath of an attack has the potential to influence public attitudes toward sharks and policy decisions surrounding shark attack mitigation and conservation. After an attack, the media often generate interest in determining the species of shark involved. This information can fulfill curiosity, complete medical and case records, and inform shark attack mitigation strategies. However, determining the identity of the species responsible is not an easy task.

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, DOI 10.1016/j.wem.2019.04.008


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