A new genus and species of catshark from eastern Indonesia

Published on
04. November 2019

A new genus and species of catshark (Carcharhiniformes: Scyliorhinidae) from eastern Indonesia

William T. White, Fahmi Fahmi, Simon Weigmann


A new genus and species of catshark is described based on a single specimen collected off Ambon in the Maluku Islands of eastern Indonesia. Akheilos suwartanai belongs to the subfamily Schroederichthyinae which differs from the other catsharks in a combination of: similar sized dorsal fins, supraorbital crests present, pseudosiphon present on claspers, broad subocular ridges under eyes, posterior nasal flaps present, tips of rostral cartilage fused into a rostral node. It represents the first record of this subfamily outside of the Americas. Akheilos differs from the other genus in the subfamily, Schroederichthys in a combination of: clasper groove not fused dorsally, ventral lobe of caudal fin produced, more intestinal valve turns, anal fin slightly larger than second dorsal fin, and in colour pattern.

Zootaxa, 4691 (5), 444–460. DOI 10.11646/zootaxa.4691.5.2


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