The potential of shark bone powder in breast cancer inhibition

Published on 06. April 2018

The potential of shark bone powder in breast cancer inhibition (pre-clinical study in DMBA-Induced Sprague Dawly Rats)

S H Bintari, S Parman, M Dafip


Breast cancer is a malignant disease, which lead to second cause of that after cervical cancer in women. To date, lots of drugs and supplement have been developed and consumed by patients. Shark bone is one of the supplements that might inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. The application of shark bone powder for supplementation in breast cancer cases still becomes controversy; but until now people are still many who consume as a supplement. This study aimed to prove the potency of shark bone powder in the inhibition of breast cancer proliferation and to propose the possibility of its biological mechanism. The pre-clinical experimental study used a controlled posttest controlled design with 25 white rats strains of DML-induced Sprague-Dawley strains. The cancer markers observed were p53, AgNORs, VEGF, Bcl-2, and Cas-3. The test subjects were divided into 3 groups: control group and 2 treatment groups fed modified with 60% and 90% respectively. A pre-clinical trial of shark bone powder showed that there was significant inhibition for the DMBA-induced anti proliferation and breast cell cancer (p <0.05) parameters. Optimal concentration of shark bone powder to inhibit breast cancer proliferation lies in concentration 30mg/BB/day.

J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 983 012196



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