Results of the South Jersey Shark Tournament 2018

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
18. June 2018

38th annual South Jersey Shark Tournament

Location: South Jersey Marina, Cape May, New Jersey, USA
Date: June 6-9, 2018

A total of 68 boats were registered for this year’s event.

161 shark catches were reported during three days of fishing. The majority (152 specimens) were released.

The heaviest shark was a 278 lbs thresher shark. The heaviest mako catergory was won by the boat “Gina L” with a 269 lbs specimen.

An overview of the species caught is provided in the table below.


Day 1 – Thursday June 07.

participating boats: 61

Species: Mako shark
Weight: 269.0 lbs
Boat: Gina L
Note: winner “Heaviest Mako”, 2nd heaviest shark

Species: Thresher shark
Weight: 249.0 lbs
Boat: My Time
Note: 3rd heaviest shark

Species: Thresher shark
Weight: 213.0 lbs
Boat: El Cid III

Species: Thresher shark
Weight: 206.0 lbs
Boat: Habits

Species: Thresher shark
Weight: 197.0 lbs
Boat: Empty Pockets

Species: Thresher shark
Weight: 192.0 lbs
Boat: Stephnic

Day 2 – Friday June 08.

participating boats: 55

Species: Thresher shark
Weight: 278.0 lbs
Boat: El Cid III
Note: Heaviest shark

Species: Mako shark
Weight: 170.0 lbs
Boat: 3D

Day 3 – Saturday June 09.

participating boats: 20

Species: Blue shark
Weight: 143.0 lbs
Boat: Seacret Agent

Source: South Jersey Tournaments

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