New Species of Angel Shark from Brazil

Published on 05. March 2018

New Species of Squatina (Squatiniformes: Squatinidae) from Brazil, with Comments on the Taxonomy of Angel Sharks from the Central and Northwestern Atlantic

Diego F. B. Vaz, Marcelo R. de Carvalho


Morphological analysis of South- and Northwestern Atlantic specimens of Squatina revealed an undescribed species of angel shark occurring on the continental slope of Brazil between latitudes 11° and 22°S. The new species of Squatina is distinguished from western Atlantic congeners by a unique combination of dorsal color pattern, vertebral counts, morphology of lateral dermal folds, dermal denticles, female reproductive tract, clasper, and pectoral fin characters. A preliminary assessment of the taxonomy of angel shark species from the Central and Northwestern Atlantic is also provided.

Copeia 106(1):144-160. DOI 10.1643/CI-17-606



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