A Review of Recent Status on Stingrays In Indonesian Waters

Published on 09. March 2018

A Review of Recent Status on Stingrays (Chondrichthyes: Dasyatidae) In Indonesian Waters

Yuanita Windusari, Muhammad Iqbal


In this paper, the status of stingrays (family Dasyatidae) in Indonesian waters are summarized. There are 40 valid species of stingrays recorded here. Based on distribution of stingrays within seven faunal region of Indonesia, Kalimantan of Indonesian Borneo has 29 species, the largest diversity among other islands; following Sumatra (27 sepecies), Java (25 species), Sulawesi (14 species), Lesser Sundas (16), Mollucas (9 species) and Papua (17 species). According to the recent of Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN 2017), there are 18 species are listed as threatened species (under Endangered and Vulnerable status), 2 as Near Threatened (NT), 3 as Data Deficient (DD), 5 s as Least Concern (LC) and 12 species are Not Evaluated (NE). Five species listed as Endangered should have high prioritize for conservation: Fluvitrygon oxyrhynchus (Sauvage, 1878); F. kittipongi (Vidthayanon & Roberts, 2005); F. signifer (Compagno & Roberts, 1982); P. solocirostris Last, Manjaji & Yearsley, 2005; and Urogymnus polylepis (Bleeker, 1852).

Oceanogr Fish Open Access J 6(3): OFOAJ.MS.ID.555690 (2018)



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