Squalus bassi sp. nov., a new long-snouted spurdog from the Agulhas Bank

Published on 14. September 2017

Squalus bassi sp. nov., a new long-snouted spurdog (Chondrichthyes: Squaliformes: Squalidae) from the Agulhas Bank

S. T. de. F. L. Viana, M. R. de Carvalho, D. A. Ebert


The long-snouted African spurdog Squalus bassi sp. nov. is described based on material collected from the outer shelf and upper continental slope off South Africa and Mozambique. Squalus bassi shares with S. mitsukurii, S. montalbani, S. chloroculus, S. grahami, S. griffini, S. edmundsi, S. quasimodo and S. lobularis a large snout with prenarial length greater than distance between nostrils and upper labial furrows, dermal denticles tricuspidate and rhomboid and elevated number of vertebrae. Squalus bassi can be distinguished from all its congeners by a combination of body and fin colouration, external morphometrics, vertebral counts and shape of dermal denticles. Similar long-snouted congeners from the Indo-Pacific region, including S. montalbani, S. edmundsi and S. lalannei are compared in detail with the new species. This new species has been misidentified as the Japanese S. mitsukurii and the Mediterranean S. blainvillei due to the lack of comparative morphological analyses. The validity of the nominal species S. mitsukurii in the south-eastern Atlantic Ocean and western Indian Ocean is also clarified herein, indicating it has a more restricted geographical distribution in the North Pacific Ocean.

Journal of Fish Biology, 91: 1178–1207. doi: 10.1111/jfb.13448



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