Spear fisherman bitten by shark off Pescadero Point, California

News Release

Monterey County Sheriff’s Office

24. November 2017

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Two off duty Deputies were finishing up their day of fishing at Still Water Cove when they were alerted to a victim of a shark bite this afternoon. A call for help went out to county communications and a short time later an on duty deputy arrived that had a medical trauma kit. One of the Deputies on scene was trained in emergency field medicine and applied a tourniquet to the man’s leg stopping his massive blood loss. The victim was transported from the scene by AMR and his condition is unknown at this time.

The Sheriff Airplane was airborne and responded to the scene. The air unit conducted a search of the area and spotted a large aquatic animal off Pescadero Point, which may have been a shark. The Sheriff Office learned the shark bite victim was spear fishing under the surface in that area when he was attacked. The air unit searched along the coastline and coordinated with CalFire units to evacuate Still Water Cove.

Below is some footage from the Sheriff’s Airplane of the area immediately after the incident. Cal Fire had their jet ski in the water and aided a swimmer back to the pier.

Thanks to the quick efforts and team work by the Deputies involved and the AMR and CalFire units on duty the victim will likely survive this rare tragedy.

Soure: Monterey County Sheriff’s Office



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