Sawfish records along the Eastern Amazon coast

Published on 05. September 2017

Sawfish (Pristidae) records along the Eastern Amazon coast

Leonardo Manir Feitosa, Ana Paula Barbosa Martins, Jorge Luiz Silva Nunes


Sawfishes are the most endangered cartilaginous fishes of the planet. Their external morphology facilitates entanglement in fishing nets and their K-selected life history hinders the recovery of exploited populations. The Eastern Amazon Coast (EAC) is known to be an area where sawfishes occur in Brazil, but few studies have been conducted in the area to better understand their biology and ecology. The present study aims to report sawfish captures along the coast of Brazil’s second largest state and therefore direct urgent research in this matter. Data were collected combining interviews with fishermen, literature review, and media reports. In total, 23 captures were recorded between 1984 and 2016. Records include adults, a pregnant female with near-term embryos, juveniles and young-of-year specimens. Most catches were reported for the Canal do Navio – an area under strong human pressures. Sawfish saws are valuable items and, for many anglers in precarious economic and social conditions, the high market price overcomes federal laws. Urgent research is required to understand sawfishes’ life history, to identify their critical habitats, and to effectively manage and conserve these species along the EAC. 

Endang Species Res, Vol. 34: 229–234, 2017, DOI: 10.3354/esr00852



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