Live Sharks Seized From Basement Of New York Home

Press Release

Department of Environmental Conservation, New York

06. September 2017

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ECO Actions for Late August

Sharks in a Pool – Dutchess County
On August 23, ECOs executed a search warrant at a residence in Lagrangeville suspected of harboring illegal wildlife. ENCON Police were joined by DEC Marine Resources personnel and staff from Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) New York Aquarium and the Long Island Aquarium. Seven live sandbar sharks were seized, along with two dead leopard sharks and one dead hammerhead shark. The live sharks were kept in a 15-foot above ground pool in the basement. WCS staff and Long Island/Riverhead staff caught the sharks with ease, took blood, measured length, tagged them, and transferred them to Riverhead’s box truck, which is outfitted with plastic tanks, oxygen, and climate control. A WCS veterinarian assessed the animals’ condition. The sharks were escorted to the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead for holding until the case is closed. The incident is currently under investigation.

Source: DEC NY

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