HOLGUIN, Cuba deadly shark attack

Deadly shark attack kills man swimming off Cuban beach

HOLGUIN, Cuba – A deadly shark attack just feet away from a Cuban beach killed a 22-year-old man.

The attack occurred Saturday night off Guardalavaca Beach near the city of Holguin in the eastern part of the country.

According to a report from a website run by the Cuban government, the man was with five other people about 10 feet off the shore when he was attacked.

While in the water at around 11:00 p.m., the group swimming in the ocean was was startled to hear the man shout that he had been bitten.

The man had been bitten in his left thigh, ripping apart his femoral artery. Despite efforts to bring the victim to a nearby hospital, the man died within a few minutes.

The report does not mention the species of shark that attacked the man.

Shark attacks are considered to be rare in waters off Cuba, but officials routinely warn against nighttime swimming on the country’s beaches.




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  1. François Bouquin

    Most attacks triggered by cosmic events ?

    By example a 2013 Reunion island lethal case:

    26 octobre 21 :42 (Paris time)   Eruption M3.12
    26 octobre 14 :30 (Paris time)   Attack
    25 octobre 17 :21 (Paris time)   Eruption X2.13
    25 octobre 10 :00 (Paris time)   Eruption X1.4.
    25 octobre 05 :18 (Paris time)   Eruption M2.99
    24 octobre 12 :48 (Paris time)   Eruption M3.58
    24 octobre 12 :24 (Paris time)   Eruption M2.57
    24 octobre 02 :48 (Paris time)   Eruption M9.36
    24 octobre 12 :24 (Paris time)   Eruption M2.57
    24 octobre 02 :24 (Paris time)   Eruption M3.13

    For this last Cuban case: 

    In many cases attacks happen during sun flares or magnetic storms. 
    That is very strange that this likely correlation is not more studied.

    Best wishes from France.

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