Two men in trouble for removing jaws of dead Great white shark

News Release

Fisheries Victoria

16. August 2016

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Two young men who removed the jaws of a dead Great white shark have found themselves in trouble with the law.
The men came across the 2m shark on the 90 Mile Beach, east of Seaspray.
They decided to remove the jaws as a trophy, however Great white sharks are fully protected, even when dead, no matter how they have died.
Even if found dead on a beach, it is illegal to cut or remove any part of a Great white shark. This is to avoid people claiming a shark died from natural causes when in fact they had caught it themselves.
Land based game fishing is increasing in popularity along the 90 Mile Beach and there are shark competitions scheduled in coming months.
Fishers need to be aware that if they catch a Great white shark it needs to be released immediately and unharmed.
Even though the men were dealt with by way of a diversionary order in the Sale Magistrates Court, it still cost them over $300 each, which serves as a timely warning to others.

Source: Fisheries Victoria (Facebook)


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