Tasmania: Shark incident at Nettley Bay

News Release

Surfing Tasmania

11. February 2016


Nettley Bay Marrawah.

A confirmed report has been passed to Surfing Tasmania about a shark at Nettley Bay, Marrawah today.

No one was injured but teeth marks were left in the surfer’s board. He had been surfing with a friend when the 3 metre shark attacked from below in murky water, knocking him off his board. Surf conditions at Nettley Bay today were poor with onshore breezes and small waves.

Nettley Bay is a popular surf and fishing spot with a series of peaks and gutters from the carpark northwards along the 1.5klm long beach.

Surfing Tasmania asks all members and friends to share this post so all surfers can be made aware of the possible risks in this area. Surfing Tasmania advises all surfers to stay out of the surf at Nettley’s Bay today and be extra vigilant over coming days if surfing there.

Source: Surfing Tasmania ( via Facebook )


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