Squatina david , A New Southern Caribbean Species of Angel Shark

paper8Published on 05. July 2016

A New Southern Caribbean Species of Angel Shark (Chondrichthyes, Squaliformes, Squatinidae), Including Phylogeny and Tempo of Diversification of American Species

Arturo Acero P., José J. Tavera , Rafael Anguila, Luis Hernández


A new species of Squatina, S. david, is described from the Colombian Caribbean. The new species differs from all the western North Atlantic angel sharks by lacking a mid-dorsal line of thorns or enlarged dermal denticles, by having an eye-spiracle distance larger than 1.5 times eye diameter, and each nasal flap with two rod-like barbels. Coloration is grayish to brownish yellow, males are dark-spotted, females have abundant whitish spots. Squatina david is nested within the American clade of angel sharks, being the sister species to the Brazilian species.

Copeia. 104(2):577-585. DOI: 10.1643/CI-15-292



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