Reproductive parameters of the Pacific angel shark

paperPublished online on 02. March 2016

Reproductive parameters of the Pacific angel shark Squatina californica (Selachii: Squatinidae)

A. F. Romero-Caicedo, F. Galván-Magaña, A. Hernández-Herrera, M. Carrera-Fernández


Reproductive characteristics of the Pacific angel shark, Squatina californica, were evaluated from 420 specimens obtained from the artisanal fishery in La Paz Bay, Gulf of California, Mexico. Females (99 cm, 6000 g) were larger than males (95 cm, 5000 g) in terms of both total length (LT) and body mass (MT). The overall sex ratio was significantly different from the expected 1:1, suggesting sexual segregation of mature individuals in La Paz Bay. Males had developed reproductive organs and calcified claspers from 72 cm LT; the median size at maturity (LT50) was 75·6 cm. In females, only the left ovary was functional and mature ovarian follicles were present from 77 cm LT; the estimated LT50 was 77·7 cm. For the 10 gravid females sampled, uterine fecundity was between two and 10 embryos. Mature, non-gravid females with small and large ovarian follicles appeared simultaneously with gravid females with follicles that did not exceed 1·9 cm diameter.

Journal of Fish Biology. Early View Version. doi: 10.1111/jfb.12920



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