New record of the bull shark in an equatorial river system

paper3Published online on 06. October 2016

New record of Carcharhinus leucas (Valenciennes, 1839) in an equatorial river system

Leonardo Manir Feitosa, Ana Paula Barbosa Martins, Jorge Luiz Silva Nunes


Bull sharks are a cosmopolitan shark species frequently found in shallow shelf ocean waters and, occasionally, in several tropical river systems around the world. Due to bull shark’s capability to enter riverine systems, the documentation of its occurrence is essential for future fisheries inspections and studies. In this way, this study aims to report the presence of a medium sized specimen of C. leucas in an equatorial river system. The specimen was caught by fishermen at Mearim River, located in Northern Brazil and well known for the occurrence of tidal bores during the highest spring tides of the dry season. The event coincided with the occurrence of one of the strongest spring tides of 2015. The captured female specimen measured approximately 1300 mm and weighted 35 kg. The occurrence of this species was not known in this river basin until now. We recommend and support future ichthyologic studies in the Mearim River basin in order to provide data for the delimitation of the territory used by C. leucas in Maranhão State, specially looking into its age, growth, diet, spatial, and temporal movement patterns in this area.

Marine Biodiversity Records, December 2016, 9:87, DOI: 10.1186/s41200-016-0094-6



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