Large Sawfish Caught at Naples Pier

Video uploaded by InsideNaplesFlorida on 28. April 2016.

A large sawfish caught and released at the Naples Pier.

Comment posted by NOAA Fisheries: In an attempt to respond to social media posts brought to our attention, NOAA Fisheries is working to empower and educate where we can for those posting and others viewing. Smalltooth sawfish are endangered and protected by Federal and Florida State law. While accidental capture can occur while fishing for other species, it is illegal to land a sawfish. Landing a sawfish can cause severe stress, injury, and potentially death after release. Such violations are subject to enforcement action by NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement. Remember a quick release while keeping the animal in the water is important to reduce stress and the likelihood of injury or death! Keeping the sawfish in the water will allow the animal to continue breathing and will reduce the chance of abrasions or other injuries from dragging the animal to shore or aboard vessels.


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