Florida: Individual arrested for possession of over-the-bag limit of shark

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ( FWC )
Division of Law Enforcement

Weekly Report
February 26 through March 4, 2016



Officer Hein was on land patrol in the Lower Matecumbe area when he received an anonymous tip that several individuals were reeling in hammerhead sharks and keeping them. Officer Hein received a description of the individuals and the location. He arrived on scene and identified two deceased bonnet head sharks on the ground next to the individuals along with several live fish at their feet. Officer Hein asked if they had caught any fish and one individual said they had not caught anything and they just arrived to the location, despite the live fish at their feet. After continually stating that no fish were caught, one individual admitted to catching a number of fish. At the conclusion of a resource inspection, the individual was arrested for possession of undersized gray/mangrove snapper, possession of over-the-bag limit of gray/mangrove snapper, and possession of over-the-bag limit of shark. The individual also received multiple littering citations and it was later determined there was an out of county warrant for his arrest as well.

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Source: FWC


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  1. Tony DeMaio

    Great work and, much appreciated by one that has a passion for marine life. It’s a great feeling knowing your out there to deter such activity…Many Thanks!

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