First report of the whitesaddled catshark in Guatemala’s Caribbean Sea

Published on 09. December 2016

First report of the whitesaddled catshark Scyliorhinus hesperius (Springer 1966) in Guatemala’s Caribbean Sea

Ana Hacohen-Domené, Francisco Polanco-Vásquez, Rachel T. Graham


The present study represents the first record of Scyliorhinus hesperius in Guatemala’s Caribbean Sea.

Five male whitesaddled catsharks, S. hesperius, were captured in 200 m deep waters of Guatemala’s Caribbean coast.

Results and Conclusion
All specimens were male with total lengths ranging from 420 mm to 510 mm. These fish represent the first record of mature male S. hesperius, the first record for this species in Guatemalan territorial waters, and a range extension in the Western Central Atlantic.

Marine Biodiversity Records, 2016, 9:101, DOI: 10.1186/s41200-016-0103-9



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