First record of spine malformation of the round stingray off Baja California Sur, México

paperPublished on 01. August 2016

First record of spine malformation of the round stingray Urobatis halleri off the Western Coast of Baja California Sur, México

M. R. Ochoa-Díaz, J. Rodriguez-Romero, J. López-Martínez, M. C. Maldonado-García



Malformations of the Round stingray Urobatis hallerii, Cooper 1863 captured off the southwestern coast of Baja California Sur, México are reported in this study.


The ray was an adult male captured by artisanal fishery in the area of Estero Banderitas. Size measurements of total length and disk width were taken; the organism could be photographed when captured.


Malformations of U. hallerii were found in the posterior part of the spine, a distortion in the upper part of the tail and in the left fin close to the tail. The specimen was considered able to reach the adult size usually reported in other specimens of this species despite the spine malformations because of its benthic habits and not losing its mobility completely.


The observed malformations were likely due to genetic alterations although other studies are needed to see if other environmental factors could cause malformations in marine organisms mainly in fish and elasmobranchs.

Marine Biodiversity, Records20169:70, DOI: 10.1186/s41200-016-0074-x


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