Third large tiger shark killed in Réunion Island within a week

Video uploaded by ‘Shark Island TV’ on 18. April 2015.

This video shows a tiger shark ( 3,76 m long and ca. 400 kg in weight ) which was caught by Hugues Savalli about 600 m off Boucan Canot in Réunion Island on Saturday,18.April 2015.

It is the third reported catch of a large tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) in La Réunion this week. Two other specimens ( 3,30 m and 4,20 m in length ) were caught during a post-attack fishing operation which had been ordered by local authorities after a recent shark incident resulting in the death of a young surfer.

On Friday (17. April), a commercial fisherman landed a female bull shark (2,10 m) for the scientific ‘ciguatera program’ in the waters off Saint-Pierre, situated on the south-western coast of Reunion Island. This species is said to be involved in the latest fatal attack which occurred on 12. April 2015. For more details, please see our recently published article La Réunion: Bull shark likely responsible for fatal attack on teenage surfer.


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