Stewart Islanders’ Shark Dive Fears Neglected By Minister

Press Release

New Zealand First Party
Author: Clayton Mitchell

02. December 2015


Stewart Islanders’ Shark Dive Fears Neglected By Arrogant Minister

DOC’s latest limp warning to Stewart Island shark cage operators reflects the total arrogance of Minister of Conservation Maggie Barry on the issue, says New Zealand First.

“Despite multiple breaches by permit holders, the best DOC can do is issue yet another warning as the season begins,” says New Zealand First Spokesperson for Labour and Industrial Relations Clayton Mitchell.

“How many final warnings can there be?

“The latest warnings will be cold comfort to commercial divers let alone Stewart Islanders who are scared to use the water for recreation.

“What is needed is a moratorium while a comprehensive study is done to see what the real effects are on the safety of people and their community, sharks and the environment.

“New Zealand First has made numerous calls for the Minister to face up to residents’ concerns. Why has the Minister allowed this to drift, why didn’t the Minister make a tough stand in the off season?

“This is typical National Government – no vision, failing to deal with anything till there is a crisis.

“New Zealand First takes the concerns of 768 New Zealanders who signed a petition wanting an end to cage diving seriously. Regretfully the Conservation Minister has proved she is as receptive as a brick wall by refusing to even meet residents. We will be speaking to this petition at the Local Government and Environment Select Committee in Parliament tomorrow.

“The time has come to pull the plug before someone ends up being killed,” says Mr Mitchell.

Source: NZ First

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