Reunion Island: Woman dies in shark attack at l’Etang Salé

Helmut Nickel (mail), Shark Year Magazine,
15. February 2015

On 14. February 2015 at around 6:40 pm, a young woman in her early 20’s was seriously injured in a shark attack in Reunion Island.

The incident occurred while the victim was swimming with her friend close to shore at a beach in l’Etang Salé on the island’s western coast.

She was severely bitten on the leg. Witnesses at the scene said the shark tried to drag her down, but the swimmer fought back and managed to escape.

According to the local fire and rescue department, the young woman was found in cardiac arrest when help arrived. The victim was then stabilised and transported in critical condition to a hospital in Saint-Pierre where she was pronounced dead in the evening.

It is reported that the incident took place in an area where swimming has been banned due to the potential shark danger. Coincidentally, local authorities just met last week and announced plans for a gradual return to nautical activities in that area.

Source: Clicanoo, zinfos974.

Video below:

Statement by the local mayor Jean-Claude Lacouture
( in French language, uploaded by JIR on 14. Feb 2015 )

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  1. Gm7

    Mind boggling. A real life “Jaws” scenario being played out on a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean.  The sequence of attacks have the hallmarks of predation, and not some case of mistaken identity. Truly bizarre

  2. Gmajor7? or minor? whatever nice chords, lucky for me I can play still…Spielberg is well awarded because he was so close.

    Once they get to over 3 metre Gm7, they seem to me as a surfer over 40 years and shark attack survivor, to get much smarter…and hungrier and gain around as much intelligence as a dog for example. 

    So we buzz them with jet-ski’s and boats to shoo them, they see we are not a threat then, (like Tadashi Nakahara 9th Feb 2015′ RIP was picked in the middle of 10 surfers) attack because they know their own mass once they pass that ‘juvenile’ stage.

    So now we are seeing coordinated attacks, Brad Smith 04..Sarah Whiley 06 I think from memory. Sean Pollard Oct 2014′ All by multiple large sharks that instinctively work in packs to herd fish and seals etc, into our mouth shaped bays we all have, Quite simple.

    30000 in the water a year on Reunion Is once Gm7, now 500. Humans are secondary to ‘marine science’ it would seem mate.

    The case of Australia’s missing swimmers with no bodies, but with obvious shark attack evidence is on my table here. 

    Glen Folkard
    Shark Attack Survivor-Investigator

    • Gm7

      My fav. is actually Gm6 for playing “Blues en Mineur” and the like…

      What you’re intimating regarding Australia and “missing swimmers” has also been brought up by skeptics in Recife (Brazil).  They’re doing everything possible over there to protect the tourist industry. Recife and Reunion have a lot in common regarding the “style” of attacks. 

      • Im also suggesting the media go to guy every time, George Burgess at ISAF is fudging the numbers on shark attack fatals globally to suit his donators agendas. This is very wrong. Misinformation leading to deaths.

        Some us survivors in Australia have been asked to hush up after our attacks.

        Also I put it out there that here in Australia Fisheries Depts and Coroners countrywide are colluding to say drowning, when there is clear evidence of shark attack and none of drowning.

        “Drowned then scavenged” they say…ha. I say eaten in half by West Australia’s rogue shark, then later disgorged in a different location.

        Christopher Neff and George Burgess, in bed with Sunoco.

        Glen Folkard.

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