Reproductive biology of the Alaska skate, with comments on an intersexual individual

paperPublished online on 29. July 2015

Reproductive biology of the Alaska skate Bathyraja parmifera, with comments on an intersexual individual

M. E. Matta


A total of 1357 specimens of Alaska skate Bathyraja parmifera were collected in the eastern Bering Sea by fisheries observers and during scientific groundfish surveys from 2003 to 2005. Male and female gonads were examined for maturity stage and seasonal reproductive timing. Based on seasonal reproductive data, including the occurrence of egg cases, ovum size, ovum number, shell-gland width and gonado-somatic index, this species appears to reproduce continually throughout the year. Potential effects of maternal size upon the size and number of mature oocytes were also investigated, with total length having a significant, although weak, influence on both. Morphology of a single intersexual individual encountered during the collection period is also described.

Journal of Fish Biology. doi: 10.1111/jfb.12747



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