New ILSFA All-Tackle World Record For Tiger Shark

News Release

International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association (ILSFA)

19. August 2015


cuvier_blue_headNew ILSFA All-Tackle World Record Officially Certified by Association Founders and fellow Committee Members.

Angler, Joseph Polk of Team True Blue, has secured another certified World Record for a tiger shark he successfully captured and released in Florida’s Panhandle region. The official estimated formula weight for this new all-tackle world record is 1,040 pounds.

Joey and the team’s extensive experience has resulted in countless successful tag and release captures, organized tournament wins and several standing ILSFA world records. These efforts, carried out over many years, serve as an example of how the sport can and should be enjoyed responsibly and sustainably, while also benefitting the scientific study, and understanding of the important role these vitally important predators serve in the marine environment.


Country: USA

State: Florida

Location: Panhandle Region

Species & Line Class: tiger (Galeocerdo cuvier) / 200 lb / Unlimited / All-Tackle

Sex: female

Total Length: 160 inches / 13 feet, 4 inches

Fork Length: 135 inches / 11 feet, 3 inches

Girth: 78.5 inches / 6 feet, 6.5 inches

Estimated Formula Weight = fork length X (girth X girth) / 800:
Calculated Estimated Weight = 1040 lbs

Date of Capture: June 24, 2015

Released: Yes

Tagged: No

Angler / Team: Joseph Polk / Team True Blue

Source: ILSFA



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