Husbandry of Tropical Benthonic Sharks

paper3Published on 18. November 2015

Husbandry of Tropical Benthonic Sharks: First Step to Develop Breeding Controlled Protocols with Conservation Purpose

Delia Ventura


In the IUCN Red List, Chiloscyllium punctatum, Chiloscyllium griseum and Atelomycterus marmoratus are classified as “Near Threatened” species [1]. Information’s on their biology are strongly lacking and bad human behaviour, associated to irregular fishing practise constitutes sufficient conditions to seriously endanger them in a next future. For all these reasons, species like these could take advantage by research and studies apt to develop protocols for a correct husbandry and for controlled breeding, with the aim to protect global biodiversity. Species above mentioned answer to life in captivity, showing a positive growth rate, consisting in a good correlation in biometric data and so leading to suitable growth models for correct protocols in the future. Next step should consist in controlled breeding.

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology 2015, 3(2): 00062



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